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Miami Florida is a picture perfect paradise in so many ways. Known for it’s scenic sunsets framed with palm trees. The trees being part of the main view it is difficult to believe that anyone would have to remove them. However that is sometimes what is needed. When you have a problematic tree, palm tree or not you want it removed gracefully.  Avoiding damage to environment around the tree our contractors are experts at tree and stump removal.

About Us

We are nature lovers and we grew up as tree huggers. Miami is the best place to work with trees because the citizens of this great city love their trees too. We started this business with the intention of helping out as many trees as possible. An arborist and environmentalist we were really interested in permaculture and saw that Miami needed a service for its trees that helped out people and their property.

Miami, FL

Our Services

If you are looking for a tree service Miami that has a stump grinder you have come to the right place. Our arborist skills impress everyone in Florida. We do it all. Hedge trimmer, stump removal, tree topper, tree trimming, tree removal, tree planting, tree cutting, tree pruning, tree removal are just some of the services that we offer. When you need any of these you have to the right place. We also have hazard inspection and tree braces and support systems, fertilization and tree care.

This is a picture of a tree and stump removal.

Tree & Stump Removal

Sometimes a tree can get too big or too close to the house. Other times a tree gets stick, or the stump of a tree cut down long before you knew it needs to be removed. Trees a beautiful addition to your property can become a hazard or a nuisance. We are in the business of taking care of trees when they have become problematic for you. Stumps and their roots, an even deeper problem we can take care of no problem.

This is a picture of a tree trimming.

Tree Trimming

Naturally beautiful our trees add so much to the aesthetic of our surroundings. Sometimes though they need a little assistance and or for safety or to keep your house in working order it is better to get the tree trimmed. Having much experience to back as up plus our education and love for nature we are the perfect tree trimmer for your tree. Our services are delivered timely and with efficiency.

This is a picture of a tree hazard inspection.

Tree Hazard Inspection

Educated in health and safety, environmentalism and engineering our arborists have expert training in all things that have to do with tree. With our vast knowledge we make the perfect inspectors to decide if a tree is or is not sick or too old or in need of removal. When it comes to your tree in your yard the last thing you want is any kind of incident if the tree is too close to the home or if it is at risk of dropping any heavy any branches. No one wants anything to get hurt from a tree.

“When our tree needed trimmed we didn’t want to do it ourselves. It was a large palm tree in the front yard. We also didn’t want to get someone that said they knew what they were doing but really didn’t, like our neighbor who had offered. We looked up affordable tree service Miami and we we foind the Premier Tree Surgeons. They were timely, orderly and great at their job. The tree looked excellent and they made sure to take away any mess they made. “ Leticia L.

This is a picture of a tree hazard inspection service.

“There was this huge trunk in the middle of our property way at the back. It was there when we moved in. I do not what kind of tree it was but it was a shame it had to be cut down cause it must have been old. The stump was in really just a hazard. We have parties and even with lights in the back people strill tripped on it. So finally we realized that it needed to be removed and we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy job. We wanted real tree professionals. Well we got em. Those surgeons guys did a great job and didn’t leave a root behind. They packed the earth the stump was in so you can barely tel it was there. We were really happy with their service.” Mark R.

This is a picture of a tree care service.

“Premier Tree Surgeons Miami are like the plastic surgeons for the Kardashians but for trees. Results are impeccable.” Robbie B.

This is a picture of a tree and stump removal service.

Tree Braces & Support Systems

It is common for everyone and any living thing to sometimes need a little assistance. Our tree braces and support system will give your tree the assistance it needs to recover and grow strongly. Assisting in the support of weak branches and sick trees our contractors know exactly what kind of braces and support to use when a tree needs help.

This is a picture of a tree braces and support systems.


When your grounds need the extra help of proper minerals we can help you. Doing a soil assessment and finding out what is over abundant and what is lacking in your soil is the first thing we can offer. Then from there on we can advise and fertilize your grounds so your trees grow strong and healthy. Our fertilization options are many and we can customize them to what your soil needs.

This is a picture of a fertilization.

Tree Care

When trees are starting off they need a little encouragement. Like people trees midlife just need some extra encouragement and when older they can use it too. We are happy to care for your trees and give them the love and attention that isn’t always possible with your busy schedule. Tree care is one of our finer services that we offer and we have gotten very good at it. Trees under our care grow to be robust and full members of the Miami tree community.

This is a picture of a tree care.

Contact Us Today

The best thing about our job is that we get to work with trees. We also love that we get to the spend the day discussing trees. This is one of the reaons we love it when our clints and our potential clients reach out and contct us. If you have any questions at all concerning anything to do with trees on your property or anything at all about treess and our services please reach out and phone us at the number provided on this web page.