ADM Landscape introduces portable green walls

BRONX, N.Y. – ADM Landscape Corporation, a full-service design, build and maintenance landscaping firm has introduced the Freedom series of portable green walls to commercial landlords and tenants in the greater New York metro area.

The planters are being offered in three models, comprising two wall-hanging units, named the “Anywhere” and the “Designer,” and a free-standing moveable unit, called the “Uno.” Designed to be flexible and low maintenance, units also feature attached, programmable lighting systems. In addition to improving indoor air quality and promoting a calming effect in the workplace, they may be positioned as natural barriers to provide privacy. 

The freestanding Uno, which rolls on wheels, holds 70 plants in 4-inch grow pots and is available in such neutral shades as cream, white and black. The unit stands 83 inches tall and is 43 inches wide, making it a flexible divider between desks or simply a fresh element in any open office space.

The Designer green wall holds 32 plants in 4-inch grow pots, and is 47.6-inches wide, 26.75-inches tall, and 5.5-inches deep. Fully planted and watered, it weighs approximately 65 pounds and may be easily hung on a French cleat. The smaller Anywhere green wall holds 16 4-inch grow pots, weighs only 35 pounds when fully planted, and also may be hung with a French cleat. Its dimensions are 24.5-inches wide, 26.75 inches tall, and 5.5-inches deep.

“This is an exceptional way to bring nature into the workplace, while adding sustainability and colorful design features,” said Andy DiMarino, president of ADM Landscape. “The series, which I find to be exceptionally well-conceived for commercial uses, is a relatively low-cost way of improving the office environment. In addition to the health benefits, the units require minimal maintenance. Needless to say, we are proud to be bringing this series to New York metro area businesses.”

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Kirk Walker