Delta-Q Technologies, Gravely, Inventus Power to host webinar

VANCOUVER, B.C., – Delta-Q Technologies has partnered with the equipment manufacturer, Gravely and Inventus Power to present the webinar, “Introduction to Lithium Batteries, Charging and Maintenance,” on Nov. 17, 2021, at 10 a.m. CT.

The presentation will include detailed information about lithium-ion battery technology and how users can extend equipment run times with Gravely, Inventus Power and Delta-Q’s systems. The webinar will also highlight the advantages of electric solutions and how they improve productivity and share essential charging and maintenance tips for Gravely’s commercial electric mowers.

“We are excited to co-present this webinar to provide valuable insight about the benefits of lithium-ion battery technology,” said Conway Hui, director of sales application engineering & customer support of Delta-Q Technologies. “There’s a growing and necessary synergy between battery and charger manufacturers to help scale innovation required to design and develop the equipment of the future. We’re confident attendees will gain valuable knowledge about the benefits of lithium-ion solutions and how best to charge these batteries.”

Landscape contractors and their customers in attendance will learn insights about the concept of Gravely’s FusionCore solution and Pro-Turn electric mower, the benefits of lithium-ion power outlined by Inventus Power and an overview of how to properly charge lithium-ion batteries demonstrated by Delta-Q.  

“Educational webinars, especially ones co-presented with companies that understand the technical requirements of the industry, can help the industry as a whole gain a better understanding of where EV equipment is now and where we’re going,” said Angie Ansorge, product manager of Gravely Commercial. “We’re proud to work closely with these manufacturers and play a role in this webinar.”

“It’s exciting to see a growing shift towards lithium-ion battery technology as more industries become aware of its benefits and total cost of ownership,” said Tom Nguyen, VP business development at Inventus Power. “We’re looking forward to teaming up with Gravely and Delta-Q to help educate the lawn & garden industry about the key advantages of lithium-ion battery power over internal combustion engine and lead-acid battery technology.”

To learn more information about the webinar and register for the event, click here.


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