Electric Sheep Robotics enters autonomous mowing market

Electric Sheep
Robotics has had its official launch as an autonomy partner to the landscaping

The company is tackling the industry’s decades-long shortage of reliable labor. Over 50% of landscape maintenance involves lawn mowing, a tedious
and repetitive process made physically grueling by exposure to harsh weather.
This exacerbates the industry’s labor shortages, low growth and shrinking
margins. To answer these problems, Electric Sheep has created the Dexter robot,
clamp-on hardware and software that turns commercial lawn mowers into self
driving machines.

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“My company
and industry welcome self-driving mowers,” said Zech
Strauser, owner of Strauser Nature’s Helpers in Eastern Pennsylvania. “We
have an already tight labor market, so I would love the opportunity to refocus my staff on the jobs robots can’t do. We are
thrilled to be autonomy partners with Electric Sheep.” 

The company was founded in late 2019 by a team of
entrepreneurs with backgrounds in engineering, entrepreneurship and
landscaping. The Electric Sheep Robot works with commercially available gas and
electric mowers and is available with no upfront costs through a Robots-as-a-Service
model. There are hundreds of thousands of commercial mowers being used today,
and the Electric Sheep Robot is able to deploy on this already existing and
well established platform. 

acuity of the need is so deep and the willingness to try autonomy so intense
that we have been overwhelmed by the response,” said Nag Murty, CEO and
co-founder of Electric Sheep. “ If we were to stop acquiring new customers
today and just expand among the ones who are  signed on with us, we would
already have hundreds of millions in annual revenue in a few years.”

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