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When it comes to plants you want them to grow strong and healthy.  Plants eat and by getting their nutrients, food and water from their roots. Their roots suck up the water and nutrients from the soil they are in. When plants are in poor soil they do not thrive, and sometimes they even parish. When it comes to having strong healthy trees in your property you have to make sure that the earth the trees are planted in is nutrient rich. For the most part this is the main function for fertilizer. When you hire Primer Tree Surgeons we give your earth the best fertilization for your trees.


When you are planting trees the first step to ensuring good growth is checking that the soil in the ground you are putting the trees is nutrient rich for them.  Certain plant species will require more of one mineral than the other and if you have had other plants in the soil it is possible what your trees need may have been leeched from the earth. Once you have conducted the soil tests you can move on the next step. You can fertilize the ground with the proper minerals and nutrients that your trees require. Our expertise in trees, soil and tree planting will assist you with these complicated beginning steps. With our help it will all seem very simple.


When the earth is rich you can plant the trees. Our arborists perform tree planting and do so with an unfathomable expertise. In Miami we are the tree planting and tree fertilizing professionals of Florida. When you need your tree planted in soil that is going to be helpful for its growth hire us, Primer Tree Surgeons. We ensure your earth is the right conditions for a healthy happy tree. Once the trees are planted the continual care of the tree is very important. This also includes more fertilization as the trees roots grab the mineral and nutrients from the soil.  Acquiring a proper balance with your fertilization is important.

Full Grown Tree

Have you had a beautiful Palm tree on your property that lately seems to be struggling? Our tree experts and soil specialists can assess the situation and see if the tree is in need of better soil and a healthy dose of fertilization to help it on its way.  Fertilization doesn’t just stop when the tree is transferred to new soil. Depending on the state of your soil it can be ongoing process that needs routine applications. If this is the case you will want a balanced approach so you don’t give the tree too much or too little. That is where tree specialists like us come in.

Fertilization Customized

Although we are in Florida and Miami the type and texture of soil that you have may differ from your neighbor. Also depending on what kind of nature you are inviting into your lawn your soil properties are going to be unique. When you hire us we can assess what kind of soil you have. When we know that and you give is the guidance of what kind of trees you will be planting we can assist you in what type of fertilization you need. Like a personalized cocktail are fertilization service makes you the boss so your vision can come to life. As tree specialists we are here to assist you with tree and stump removal also and do what is best for the tree.

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