JBH Innovations announces plans for LEAFBOSS Sweep-n-Vac

WEXFORD, Pa. – JBH Innovations Inc. is announcing its LEAFBOSS Sweep-n- Vac. Offering three models, the LEAFBOSS meets the needs of the DIYer as well as lawn care professionals working on residential and commercial properties. The technology is an ideal sequence of rotating paddle brushes and cyclonic suction. Combined with a brushwood thrasher and a six- bladed, saw-toothed mulching impeller, the LEAFBOSS Sweep-n-Vac effectively reduces and discharges both organic and inorganic matter such as leaves, twigs, nuts, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and paper products.

Designed with functionality and efficiency in mind, all models provide the operator enhanced ease of use, eliminating the back-breaking pain of fall clean ups. The DIY model provides the ability to enter 36″-gated properties, eliminate raking and tarping leaves in tough-to-reach areas, while the LEAFBOSS SV32 and LEAFBOSS SV42, solutions for large areas, estates, country clubs, municipalities, college campuses and more, take the pain out of large clean up jobs with broader clearing widths.

“Enhancing client productivity is our primary goal behind the design of the LEAFBOSS Sweep-n- Vac. With five usable speeds and one reverse transmission, the LEAFBOSS Sweep-n-Vac puts the user in control, significantly reducing the time required to finish the job,” said Jeffery Hile, owner of the company. “It is an extremely high-performance collection machine with a multitude of uses on grass, hard surfaces, artificial surfaces or even gravel.”

The LEAFBOSS is currently seeking a manufacturer.

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Kirk Walker