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At the Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference, keynote speaker Crystal Washington told attendees to be cyborgs – and to not be androids. 

To illustrate her point – and the difference between androids and cyborgs – Washington asked the audience how many of them sleep with their phones. Almost all of them had the phones in their rooms at night, whether it’s on the floor, a nightstand or even the bed. This addiction to mobile devices is so drastic, Washington said people can hear imaginary buzzing or notifications in their pockets if they left their phones off for 24 hours. 

© Alexander Garrett Crystal Washington.So, Washington stressed the importance of people controlling technology – not the other way around. 

“It’s all about balance,” she said. “The pandemic has exacerbated some of the issues that already exist (in our industry), but it’s also opened up some really unique opportunities.” 

Washington kicked off the show following a pre-show workshop with Clark Quick, a social media strategist with Lawn & Landscape’s parent company, GIE Media. And though she warned attendees that technology can be intimidating, Washington urged them to relax and be receptive to newer ideas. 

“We can’t be innovative from a space of fear,” she said. “Our goal is to put you on the offensive. If you feel like you’re constantly trying to catch up, we’re trying to switch that.” 

Stay tuned for additional coverage – including more of Washington’s presentation – from the Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference.  

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