Tree Braces & Support Systems

This is a picture of a tree braces and support systems services.

Trees offer us so much. We get the clean air and the shade and their wonderful presence. It is difficult to think that our services are mainly seen as taking trees down. We do that only when you need it and we offer so many services in support of you and your trees. One of our great services is our tree braces and our tree support systems. This service gives us so much joy because we can help our client save a tree. When we arrive at your property to work on trees we do so to help you out.

When Help Is Needed

Trees in rural areas add so much to the landscape but they can become problematic if they start to have structural problems. If the tree grows into a structural problem there is good news. Our arborists have precision like skills when it comes to supporting trees they way they need it. When a tree has a co-dominant stem it tends to be weaker in the middle where these verge from each other so possible breakage could occur. Another way a tree can grow into a structural problem is when a tree grows outward with most of it’s foliage on the end adding extra weight. This can also cause breakage.


When trees begin to break our specialists know exactly what they need. We are here to give support to you and support to your trees. With the proper placement of our brace rods and cables your beloved tree can straighten out and still grow strong.  When we do this work for you we are thankful that we can help support you support the life of a rural tree. It can be difficult to make the decision because a falling branch on a tree can be a threat a lot of people don’t want to deal with. When you contact us though we can go over everything with you so you feel confident you are making the right decision.


When your trees need the support that you are not able to give we are here for you. If your tree runs into structural problems it can cause personal injury, property damage or even fatality. If the limbs of your tree are weak they may not be able to hold their fruit or acorns. So you don’t lose the entire tree our support systems can help you in situations like this. The expertise of our staff can apply the braces and cables so the tree can continue to flourish. When you are going through some difficulties with your trees the best thing we can recommend is contacting us to get the work started on helping the tree.


Here at Primer Tree Surgeons Miami we take into account everything such as fertilizer that and your trees may need. When we are offering the genuineness of our arborist and contractors we want to make sure that you feel you are in good hands. After calling us the make the appointment we take into account everything that is involved in helping your tree.  We customize each one of our jobs to the problems, because there is never one solution for bracing and supporting trees. Trained certified and experienced our contractors get the best results and support your tree in the way it needs most.

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