Tree Care

This is a picture of a tree care service.

Trees are pretty voracious on their own but in those first couple weeks to months they will need some extra attention. From then on to make sure they are thriving it is ideal if you they can be checked up on every couple of months. When you want healthy trees it is a good idea to get a tree specialist like one of our contractors from Primer Tree Surgeons, who knows everything you need to know about trees. That way they can check on the tree and care for it what the care that it needs most.

What We Do

In preparing for the growth of your tree we will do many things to ensure that it grows up healthy and well. Some of the services that are tree care provides are add a good amount of healthy mulch and removing invasive plants that could harm the tree. We will educate you on which animals and birds may try to eat the young of the tree. We can also do mini support systems and braces for young trees that are falling over.  When it is time to prune we will be able to identify the appropriate period for tree trimming and we will prune the tree.

Tree Extra Care

We love our job so we are happy to participate in anything tree related. Tree care is the service that we get to participate in where we water and talk to the trees.  Trees are living and enjoy the conversation plus they make great use of the carbon dioxide that we breathe out. When we help you with your trees with our tree care service, your trees are getting very well cared for.  Like a member of the family we want to encourage their healthy growth to contribute to your landscape and the surrounding environment. A tree taken care of is another tree in the world.


As arborists and environmentalists our company was started with a backing in love for trees. The educational background that we possessed has always been there and when we got our certifications and diplomas it meant we could further educate other people. When we hire new employees they always go under an extensive training program so they know the importance of all our methods and their impact..  Keeping up with the knowledge and the technology we are always on the forefront of green methods and arborists techniques that help trees grow.

Our Commitment To Tree Care

When we are taking care of your tree we make sure that the tree is going to live a very long healthy life. All our hard work certifications and professionalism come out when we are providing the care for your trees. Thankfully others have recognized our work in the area and we have gained a favorable reputation.  When it comes to Miami we are the tree surgeons everyone wants. When you have a great reputation like ours there is nothing more you want than to continue in that direction and that means making sure everyone is happy.

Miami, FL