Tree Hazard Inspections

This is a picture of a tree hazard inspection service.

It looks like the trees have turned a little early this year.  They are starting to change into yellow much sooner than expected.  It could be that tree is sick and no one sees the symptoms for what it is. If the tree gets sick enough then it is possible the tree’s trunk and or branches can weaken. This can make the tree unsafe and very possibly a hazard on your lawn.  Without a trained eye you might not recognize it. There are also other hazards that a lot of untrained people will over look.

Tree Species

Hiring for our company is one of the best jobs. Everyone that applies to work with us knows that we are a tree company that cares about trees. When we get applicants their experience speaks for them. When they get hired on we pair our extensive experience in the field with studies of trees and the natural habitat of Miami. Knowing about trees is the first step in tree identification. Once you can tell one tree from another you can then begin to easily identify the different stages of growth in the tree.  When one knows the tree species and the different stages of growth you can then identify a healthy from an unhealthy tree.

Identifying Hazards

When able to identify a healthy tree our employees can definitely identify a sick tree. Or a sick branch or an illness in the trunk that is impacting the trees strength. When the tree is impacted this way it can make the tree unsafe to have on the property. Other things that are inspectors will look at si the proximity of the tree to the home, how healthy the branches are in general. If the tree is a palm tree our inspectors will take into consideration the state of the fronds.  Fronds can be hazardous just because they are so heavy. If the frond are ready to come down or be trimmed we will be able to tell you.

Root Hazards

Sometimes the hazard isn’t one seen in the trunk or the leaves but has to with the tree and what is underneath the ground. Identifying hazards also includes understanding the root systems of various trees species. Certain trees will require a lot of water and suck up a lot of moisture. Depending on the species if this trees roots grow outwards rather then down it could be a problem for your home. This is because if a trees roots grow outwards and the depending on the proximity of the tree to your home the  roots could grow underneath the foundation. If this happens the soil could dry out and shift. If the soil changes that much under the structure of your home it could put your house at risk for cracks and sinking.

 Our Inspectors

Our inspectors can inspecting tree hazard can identify if a tree and its roots are too close to the structure of your house.  They can also tell you if it is time to trim palm tree’s fronds or if a tree is too sick to be saved. They also bring good. They can make sure all is well and healthy with the trees or if a tree is a bit weak advise on our supporting system so it grows strong.  Educated certified and trained our Inspectors  and tree braces and support systems will make your feel confident that your property and land is in good hands.

Miami, FL