Tree & Stump Removal

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We all love a good yard with lush green vegetation. When your trees are picture perfect and robust and your lawn full and soft. This can make your backyard like a little haven. When this perfect perception of your yard isn’t being realized because of a tree that is unwell, or blocking too much of the sun for other plants you may want to consider removing it. If the problematic tree has already been cut down but it’s stump is getting in your way of yard work, or becoming a tripping hazard it is time to remove it.


Trees are gentle giants. However when they are too close to the house or have grown past the roof and could be a problem during a storm, then their mere size begins to become a hazard. Removing a problematic tree becomes priority because it is threatening the safety and serenity of your family home. For the same reasons that the tree is now classifiable as a hazard it is of the utmost importance that great care is taken in removing the tree safely.  In order for this to happen safely trained professionals must be hired. When you hire Premier Tree Surgeons Miami we guarantee that our safety practices when we are removing your tree.


When you are hiring a company to remove a tree or a tree stump from yard safety must be a concern. A good way of figuring out of a company cares about safety is checking to see if they are insured. A company reflects its concern for responsibility when it practices tree removal with insurance. Hiring a company with insurance protects you also. If you hire an individual to do the job that does not have insurance they could possibly try and blame you if there are any accidents and that could lead to a stressful legal battle.


Depending on what part of the city you are in, the laws and bi-laws, and what kind of tree you are removing a permit may or may not be needed. With our expertise and knowledge of Miami and all the trees around this area we are able to help you determine if it is required by law or not to have the city’s approval of the removal of the tree.  We help you get that first step taken care of so we can all move onto the next one. That is finding the right date for the tree removal and then the actual removal itself.

Stump Removal

Our expertise in trees gives as a great advantage to other tree removal services especially when it comes to gnarly stump that need to be removed. A stump of a tree can be a nasty piece of work. With our know how and encyclopedic knowledge of trees we are able to estimate what kind of roots the stump is sporting. From that we can tell if the roots are going far out around the strump or straight down. This is a great benefit to you as tree roots can damage soil and cause it to loosen. Also the roots of stumps can become a trip hazard and if not seen possibly damage yard equipment. Find out much more details about us.

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